Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Weigh In

Current Weight: 229.4

Last Week Weight: 228.6
Starting Weight (pre-surgery): 280
Goal Weight: 150
Dream Weight: 135

Another week of weight gain.  It's been a steady (but thankfully slow) increase ever since my unfill.  It's a little hard to take.  I know I'm not doing everything that I can.  And apparently I'm not ready to make those changes or else I would.  Losing weight is simple... not easy but simple.  I know what I need to do, I just haven't been willing to do it yet.  I really wanted to take a short hike today but it didn't work out.  Doesn't mean I can't walk around the neighborhood though.  I think I will do that.

My Weight Loss Support group on Facebook is beginning lift off.  If anyone is interested in joining me, I'd love to have you-  It is a closed group, so I'll have to approve you, but I'm planning to be on daily, so it shouldn't be more than a 24 hour wait to get approved.  Hope to see you over there.


  1. Carolyn,
    Don't beat yourself up! I agree that it is not easy but I do feel that it takes time to get in the right groove. Even then, there are times I wonder what I am doing to be honest.
    I am not part of facebook (used to be) but I will have to set myself up with it to sign in. :)

  2. I know you can do this... I know you want it. I'm right by your side. Try keeping a journal (I know you HATE that) and put down everything that goes in your mouth just one day. Then do the same the next day... put everything that goes in your mouth just one day.

  3. you did not gain it overnight and you won't lose it overnight.
    It does take time and effort- but when you get a band and then have an unfil you are at a disadvantage.
    You can do it- remember baby steps.

  4. you can do anything that you won't to do just set your mind to it & do it.yes you can. i love you. your Mom. :)