Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Weigh In

Current Weight: 225.8

Last Week Weight: 227
Starting Weight (pre-surgery)t: 280
Goal Weight: 150
Dream Weight: 135

Ahhhh it's good to see the scale moving.  I've been stuck between 227 and 230 for months!  I'm so happy to see a change.  And I feel good.  On the 28th I started eating right.  Cut the junk and the portions and things were moving in the right direction.  Yesterday was Leonard's Day 1 so he wanted to have a pig out on the 31st.  It was awful.  But at least it didn't throw me off.  I was able to get right back on track and start eating right again without any problem.  The cravings are even easing up already.  It's such a mental game.  I just have to remind myself from time to time to not think about food and I'll be okay.

SO... here are a few other stats:
7 days since last time I threw up
1 day since last junk food
0 days of exercise (I'm embarrassed about that one)

My foot is still giving me a good amount of trouble so I'm still not walking much.  I'm thinking about just getting out there and doing it though.  Maybe I just need to push past the pain... I don't know.

I'll end with a little inspiration...


  1. Good job lady! This is awesome. Don't push that foot to much... just work on your upper body during commercial breaks. You can get a lot of shadow boxing punches in during a commercial.


  2. You've made great progress already!

  3. You are amazing! Great job on the loss! I really need to get back in the right mindset as well. Time to focus. I might do the post surgery diet of liquid/mushies/solids. Just to get my head back in the game.